The Shawn Frederick Gallery currently showcases the oceanic art collection of master photographer, Shawn Frederick.  The Marina del Rey, CA photographer creates many of his exclusive "Limited Edition" large-format pieces in the oceans of the world, and they often span more than 7' or 8' in height or width, of which are epic must-see masterpieces.  Although every piece is available in smaller sizes as well.

Shawn's love for the ocean stems from his childhood having spent every waking hour swimming, surfing and sailing amongst the waters of the blue pacific.  And having spent a lifetime in the waters, he's seen first hand the changes that have taken place. 

He is very passionate and active about water education, resourcefulness and is a conservation advocate.   Through every sale from the vast collections of his work, portions of the proceeds are donated to further the organizations Shawn supports and ultimately believes in.  We hope you consider your collection of a Shawn Frederick Original to be a pure joy of having his beautiful artwork in your space, but more so, knowing that your helping further the reach of organizations on the front line of persevering our most precious element.  Water!    

A July 2016 Installation of (3) 8' x 4' Oceanic Masterpieces at the Luxury Waterfront Apartment Building, "Esprit Villas" in Marina del Rey, CA.