The Artist

Shawn Frederick is a contemporary photographic artist specializing in nautical and maritime large format pictures.  

For more than thirty years now, Shawn Frederick has been a working artist specializing in oceanic, adventure and earth-based landscape photography.  Based on foresight and an acute understanding of the 8th Art, Shawn continues to push the technical and scientific boundaries of his craft.  His creations are often larger-than-life and can often reach up to 10-12 feet in height and/or width, all whilst using materials of a true craftsman within traditional and modern printing techniques.  An original handmade Shawn Frederick print is typically a one-off, or in a very limited edition of 50, or less than.

Travels of Shawn's have taken him around the globe numerous times to locations including Morocco, Austria, France, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, Patagonia, Peru, Hawaii, Alaska, Baja, Mexico, Canada and 30 or so of the states and territories throughout the USA.

The URL link directly below will take you to the website, Eubanks Frederick Entertainment, where Shawn is a partner with legendary stuntman, Corey Eubanks.  Where the two specialize in creating high-octane television programming, television commercials and advertising content.