This is the frequently asked questions page for the Shawn Frederick Gallery based in Marina del Rey, California.


Does Shawn Frederick accept private or corporate commissions?

Yes, we constantly work with brands, ad agencies, private collectors, corporations, hotels, interior designers, restaurants and more to create the imagery being sought.  

Does the Shawn Frederick online Art Gallery have both Limited and Open Editions?

Yes, we have both types of Editions, Limited and Open.  Click through the site and you'll see that each image will have a description about what type it is.  Typically in the top area of the description box.  Note: that Open Editions are managed through of representing partnership with Grand Image.  (www.GrandImage.com)

Our "Limited Editions" are limited to 50 final pieces and 2 artist proofs in each size category listed.  Once all 50 pieces are sold, the collection will be closed and no additional prints will be made from that image size again.  Each of the Limited Edition Prints are hand signed and numbered by Shawn and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

The "Open Editions" are unlimited in their categories and are printed in perpetuity.  There is no allocated number of prints that can be made from the image.  Each of these Open Edition printsdo not include a number within their edition.  To inquire about an Open Edition print, please contact our representing partners at Grand Image. (www.grandimage.com)


Are all of the Shawn Frederick's work showcased only online?

No!  All of the artwork that we showcase here on the Shawn Frederick.com site is merely a drop in the bucket of his work.  We also have a vast private collection of Art available for personal viewing.


Does the gallery make additional sizes of the artwork that is not listed on website? 

Yes we do.  We start by asking each artist for their three recommended sizes for each of their art pieces.  But they can also resize any piece they have in many additional sizes or even shapes.  As example, you may love a large format size of 60"x40" but the space you have needs something more, or less.  Therefore, you may opt to have that piece made into a diptych, triptych, or even a quadtych and more.  Thereby breaking up the artwork on the wall and creating more depth and interest in your space.  But please remember you can always call us for a design consultancy as we have numerous options available that are not shown here on the site.     


Once I order from the website, when could I expect my piece to arrive?

Once you've finalized your order, and depending upon your delivery needs, we can typically have your art delivered within the US in about 15-21 days.  Remember, each piece is handmade for you once you place your order.  If you want your piece quicker, we can always push your order forward and get it done that way for you, but remember rush fees would apply in that scenario.  Also, while we do not control shipping costs, additional costs would apply there as well.  Regardless, we'll always do our best to accommodate your needs and requests, so please just let us know.


What are the various types of materials used to print the artwork?

While there are literally a plethora of options to choose from when printing artwork, we opt to use some of the best, most durable and beautiful materials we can that allows the artwork to be the star.  In this case, we recommend to our collectors, one of the following; 1) a Super High Gloss Acrylic finish.  Utterly takes your piece to a new level of vivid color and brightness.  This process is where the image is printed on an archival media -typically an archival metallic or lustre gallery paper- then it is face mounted to an optically perfect piece of 1/8" or 1/4" acrylic, from there it is back mounted to an 1/8" poly nudo di-bond sheet for strength and rigidity.  After that has been done, we adhere our french cleat museum-style wall mount and inspect the artwork once again for any imperfections. 2) High Definition White Aluminum is another high-end recommendation.  HD White Aluminum is purely magical and adds a level of clarity rarely reproduced in other materials.  We start with a HiFi wide-gamut dye-sublimation printer which makes the print on a transferable paper that is then placed into a 400 degree heat press where it turns the ink into a gas form and under nearly 80 tons of pressure, it permanently embeds the ink in to the metal making a stunningly beautiful work of art.  3) Our Matte Canvas Giclee prints are purely stunning and transform our artists work into masterpieces.  Starting with a museum quality canvas, we print it with brilliant and saturated colors that have a 100+ year archival quality.  We stretch the canvas over a 1.4" wooden artist frame that can be either hung with or without a frame. While we love it with a frame attached, as it looks superb when done so.  NOTE:  We also highly recommend having a liquid acrylic finish added to the canvas giclee.  Of course additional fees would apply, but adding this feature to any canvas piece immediately adds a level of authentic masterful quality that is certain to have everyone wanting to know where they too can get a piece like yours.  4) We have a number of additional materials, including window mount, fine art paper and wood printing options that we often use too.  Please contact us to learn more about these additional materials and any costs associated with them.


What type of framing or finishing do you offer?

Currently, all of our prints are custom made to each order and do not include framing. However, if a frame is required, we would assist you in having it made for your specific artwork- additional fees for the frame would apply.  We are able to source everything from handmade wooden scroll type frames from Bali to custom handmade metal frames from a local metal artisan and nearly everything in between.  Please let us know ahead of time and we can make sure you know your options.


Do you offer Art Design Services?

Yes we do.  Our Design Consultants have worked with Shawn and his team for a very long time, and they too have the abilities to help you with anything you may need.  Should you have an office, lobby, dining room, private room or space in your restaurant you are wanting a design for, please contact us and we can help create an illustration "mock-up" image for you.  If you happen to live in the Southern California area, we would be happy to set an appointment to come to your location and see your space.   


 Where do you currently ship to?

At the moment, we ship throughout the US and outer lying islands, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  However, we have also shipped to South America, Japan, Europe and Australia.  Regardless, all shipping costs vary based on sizes, materials and time in transit, so please send us an email with the art piece you're thinking of, including it's size along with your location and we can get a quote for you on the shipping and packaging to your destination.


How will I know the artwork is authentic from each of the gallery artists?

Each of the "limited edition" pieces from the Shawn Frederick Gallery includes a signed and numbered, Certificate of Authenticity.  Should you decide to ever sell your artwork, the buyer would know that the artwork is an original piece from Shawn Frederick's Collection.


Would I be able to purchase a specific numbered print within a limited edition collection?

Yes. If that specific numbered piece in the limited edition collection has not been acquired, we would in fact do our best to acquire it on your behalf from the artist. 


Are all of the gallery prints signed directly from the artist? 

Yes, every piece we offer, regardless of it being an Open or Limited Edition are signed by the artist.  The Limited Edition pieces are numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity. 


May I return my purchase?

Please remember, all sales are final unless you've received the improper order.  In which case, your correct order would immediately be made and shipped at no further cost to you whilst the original incorrect order was returned to us in good standing order.  Recalling, each piece is made specifically for you once your order is placed.  Therefore, unless the piece was damaged in transit (which you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt) or the artwork is not what you ordered (you must also notify us within 24 hours of receipt) then you would not be able to return your purchase.  If you have any issues with your delivered artwork, please contact us immediately, so that we can take prompt actions to get you the best customer service possible.  The contact information is located under the "contact" page.  We advise all of our collectors to immediately photograph their artwork as they remove it from its shipping container, therefore there is no discrepancy of the damage being caused by the shipping provider.


Is Shawn Frederick available for private commissions and portrait shoots?

Yes, Shawn consistently works with small and large companies, advertising agencies and design firms with their photography and videography requests.  If you have an opportunity you'd like to discuss with Shawn, please do not hesitate in calling.  Again, we are here to offer you the best solution possible.