I have a Digital Camera, Now What?

I have a Digital Camera, Now What?


This is a (2 hour) beginners workshop, and is led by Shawn Frederick, Award-Winning Professional Photographer and the author of the Best-Selling Book, the "Idiots Guide to Digital Photography".

In this class we will discuss all of the basic buttons, features and functions to the modern digital camera.  We'll show you how in a matter of a few minutes, and a little practice- can make amazing pictures with your digital camera.

Once you know what all those little buttons and functions are and what they do, you'll be amazed at how all this time, you had no idea that your camera could "do that".

What you'll need: Please bring your DSLR Camera with a lens, a memory card, a note pad and a pen.  We will NOT be setting up to shoot live pictures in this workshop, we'll primarily be learning about the camera and its functions and doing a lot of hands-on discussion.  

It's Shawn's goal to get a lot of individual time with each of you, so come prepared with your questions.

Class size is limited, so register early and get your seats.  Thank you!

Beverages and snacks will be provided.  Parking is free.

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